If you own a small business with computers, this equipment will surely require service sooner or later. It contains numerous components and moving parts that must work for many hours. When they need computer repair, Calgary firms frequently decide to replace their PCs. This solution enables them to benefit from the latest technology. However, it tends to consume more time and money than repairs.

Computer Repair Calgary

Why Fix PCs?

Some Canadians believe that it doesn’t make sense to spend additional cash on computers that will eventually become obsolete. Nonetheless, it’s vital to consider the true expense of replacing a machine. Service often costs considerably less than a new PC, and there’s no need to dispose of hazardous waste or worry about eliminating sensitive data.

  • Keep your favorite applications
  • Continue using the same accessories
  • Avoid losing data on the hard drive
  • Don’t waste time shopping for PCs

A new business computer can take hours to set up. Among other things, you’ll need to install applications, obtain software updates and copy files to the hard drive. You might need to spend time finding and downloading necessary programs. Vital software that works on the current computer may refuse to run on a new machine with another operating system or different hardware.

When you replace a PC, productivity will suffer as you or your employees learn how to use new hardware and software. It may take a considerable amount of time just to restore favorite settings. For example, you might want to configure colors, fonts, browser bookmarks, mouse pointers and sound effects to suit your tastes.

Computer repair doesn’t only let you continue using the software that came with a PC. It also allows your company to keep existing accessories and internal upgrades. There’s no guarantee they would work when attached to a different computer. A repair could prevent you from having to replace a malfunctioning PC’s printer, camera, monitor, scanner or pointing device.

Call an Expert

Some Calgary business owners try to fix computers by reading do-it-yourself repair instructions on the Web. This strategy may work well once or twice, but it involves considerable risk. Skilled technicians have the right parts, tools and training to service PCs without causing further harm. For example, they take special precautions to stop static electricity from damaging sensitive components.

Dangerous electrical charges remain inside some unplugged monitors and power supply units. As CNET reported, they have the potential to cause electrocution when people touch the wrong parts. Many computers also contain sharp edges. It sometimes proves difficult to correctly remove and reinstall the outer housing.

Choosing a Company

On-site professional repairs offer valuable advantages. You don’t have to risk damaging a machine in transit or losing it to thieves who break into computer shops. Furthermore, the technician can test a business PC using its normal network connections and accessories. This improves the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, it saves time because you don’t need to repeatedly travel to and from a repair shop.

It’s best to select a firm that also provides maintenance services and expert computer support in Calgary. This will help you prevent disruptive system failures. A diversified business is less dependent on repair revenue and more likely to charge fair rates. As the owner of one PC maintenance, sales, service and Internet company said, “The idea is to have recurring customers but not repeated problems.”

To sum it up, expert PC repairs save time, improve safety and cut costs. Remember: CTECH Consulting Group is a trusted source for up-to-date information technology news and tips. If you want to learn about our rapid IT support and dependable computer repair for Calgary businesses, please call (403) 457-1478 or contact info@ctechgroup.net today.