Collaborating With Microsoft SharePoint

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Collaborating With Microsoft SharePoint: How This Solution Will Bring Your Team Together?

Microsoft SharePoint offers tons of great capabilities and features, some of which aren’t being taken full advantage of by those who use it.

Are you?

CTECH has been leveraging cloud technology for many years to run our own business, which allows us to assist our clients in consolidating their files and data to SharePoint. This gives you unprecedented access, collaboration and security.

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What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is designed to allow you to share files as the name implies.

But more than that, you can collaborate, edit, and more with any device from any location. Files aren’t owned or associated with one specific person. Instead, everyone on the team or group has read and write access. In short, it’s a cloud-based platform that lets you backup, store, retrieve, and collaborate on:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • And much more

Plus, it seamlessly integrates with other more popular products and has the capacity to be configured for a range of workflows.

What Advantages Does SharePoint Offer?

  • Centralized resources in a shared platform: You can integrate the platform with other products in the suite, as well as third-party applications.
  • More user-friendly: The integration with other products in the suite allows employees to operate with the browsers, email, and other applications they already know and love.
  • Greater business intelligence: SharePoint can be combined with business intelligence to help you leverage data visualization tools for making more informed choices.
  • Fully compliant design: Auditing policies, storage protocols, and security settings within the platform make it simpler for you to stay compliant with industry standards.
  • Improved Collaboration: Any staff members can work on the same document simultaneously, following an easy-to-understand and use Version Control system. This will foster creativity, innovation and productivity around the block or around the world.
  • Enhanced Security: By storing data in SharePoint, you can protect your business’ intellectual property from leaving your organization. Additional features allow you to classify document sensitivity and control the accessibility of your most important data both internally and externally.
  • Reduce Infrastructure And Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): By hosting your data in the Microsoft cloud, you reduce your dependence on local infrastructure and gain the freedom to use preferred devices for work.

Enlist Expert SharePoint Consulting In Calgary From CTECH

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