Calgary’s CTECH Consulting Group Urges Local Businesses and Individuals Not to be Duped by Latest Online Scam

CALGARY, AB – Canadian’s nationwide have been receiving a similar email. The message claims the recipient is entitled to a tax return of some CAD amount. In order to claim it, the recipient must click the embedded link and provide personal and financial details in order to process the alleged refund. Unfortunately, the personal details are not used to process this actually non-existent tax return. Scammers are using the email to dupe unsuspecting, and possibly financially starved, Canadian’s into handing over access to their money and identity. The scams aren’t limited to Canada either, with scammers slowly starting to target email recipients in the UK, United States and beyond.

With Cyber Security Awareness Month coming in October CTECH Consulting Group, Inc. in Calgary wants to ensure local businesses and individuals are staying privy to the latest and most threatening cyber scams. Additionally, they want to ensure that people are aware of the red flags that can help identify scams before it’s too late.

  • First and foremost, it’s important to remember that a highly recognized government body like the CRA would never contact tax-payers via an unsolicited email. Unless you receive direct mail communication, with a legitimate phone number, anyone claiming to be representing the CRA should automatically seem suspect.
  • Next, any communication that promises a financial return to the recipient, but then also demands personal and financial details be provided is a scam. While most who are internet-savvy are aware of this red-flag, lack of awareness or financial desperation can often cloud judgement when these phishing emails arrive in various inboxes.
  • With these red flags in mind, when these phishing scams do arrive, it’s a good idea to flag them as such if the email application has the capability to do so. Cyber criminals are difficult to track down, so the more active reporting, the better.

CTECH Consulting Group attempts to rob Canadian’s of their money, data or identity. CEO Carl Fransen urges local businesses and individuals alike to be wary of the warning signs. “Never, ever click on links embedded in unsolicited emails.” Fransen claims. “And most importantly, don’t ever give over exploitable data like names, tax ID numbers, or financial information to these scammers attempting to pose as legitimates. If they don’t provide a phone number and actual human being for you to verify that what is said in the email is true, then leave it alone, flag it, and delete it.”

If you’d like to connect your audience with more information about this increasing prevalent scam impacting Canadian email users, please don’t hesitate to contact Carl Fransen for more information. Keeping Canadian’s in the know about these threats is critical to fostering a vigilant cyber security environment through which these criminals can be evaded.

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Carl Fransen, President & CEO
CTECH Consulting Group, Inc.