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Calgary private school connected with a local Calgary IT support firm for what it thought was the right solution, only to discover that the solution lacked a robust backup strategy, and the server was overkill for the school’s small network.

When decision makers at a Calgary private school with a dozen computer users needed a second opinion on the school’s brand new IT system, they turned to trusted Calgary IT support firm, CTECH Consulting Group to put them back on track.

Cookie cutter IT solutions no longer work. Businesses today must have solutions tailored to their particular requirements and end goals. For one Calgary private school, its previous IT service provider failed to understand the big picture and designed a solution to meet current needs but didn’t consider future ones.

“This is a great example of putting the technology first and the client’s needs second in my opinion,” said Fransen. “At CTECH, we always put the needs of our clients first, then design the right IT solution tailored to meet their needs today and tomorrow.”

CTECH worked with some of the technology introduced by the previous IT supplier, but some things, like an LTO tape drive, simply didn’t make business sense. CTECH sold the LTO tape drive to another firm where this technology provided value and used the resulting funds to design a backup and disaster recovery solution that met the needs of the Calgary private school.

Now the Calgary private school’s needs have been properly satisfied by CTECH. Along with its tailored IT solution, the school enjoys a fully staffed, 24-hour help desk, monitoring, and remote and on-site IT support.


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About CTECH: Since 2000, CTECH has been providing quality, reliable Calgary IT support and services to its clients. Driven by the founder’s desire to make a difference in business, the company’s approach has always been to provide solutions for clients today, while positioning those same clients for growth in the future.

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