Is The Steep Downturn of the Economy Taking a Toll on Your IT Company?

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The Alberta economy has taken a steep downturn, the unemployment rate has become alarmingly high, and IT companies, especially those offering break/fix services, throughout Alberta are being hit hard.

We know break/fix IT companies rely exclusively on their clients calling for repairs and upgrades, but clients are simply not calling because they’re struggling themselves, often choosing to handle issues in-house instead to save money.

How do we help? We’re a leading managed IT service company that helps struggling businesses grow and succeed, despite the economic challenges facing the Alberta economy right now. CTECH Consulting Group has a proven track record of success helping managed IT service companies and break/fix computer service businesses in Calgary get back on track.

Consider teaming up with CTECH Consulting Group right away and get:

  • Prepaid hours that gives you money upfront
  • Resistance against the downturn economy with a set fee per month
  • Happier clients as technicians are able to be proactive instead of reactive

Our managed IT services model does cut costs for our clients while keeping your company alive and running profitabl. We know your clients will be much more satisfied as handling issues in-house might appear to save money, but they’ll quickly discover the opposite after experiencing the proactivity of managed IT services.

Get back on the path to success. CTECH Consulting Group is here to help.

A break/fix IT company lost 50% of their revenue in 6 months due to the recession. We acquired that IT company and helped them get back on the path to success. The Former Executive Vice President explained, “My owner decided to divest himself and put me in charge of finding a new owner.”

I met Carl Fransen, President of CTECH Consulting Group, at the beginning of my search.  I was immediately impressed by Carl’s passion for three things: technology, his team, and his customers.  As I spent more time with Carl, these values were repeatedly confirmed in his words and actions.”

He continued to discuss his thoughts on CTECH Consulting Group, “Carl has created a company where his management team, technical staff, and customers all enjoy a lifestyle with less stress and worry.”

Experience the lifestyle change you’ve been waiting for. Contact CTECH Consulting Group to speak about a potential merger and acquisition now. Call (403) 457-1478 or email us at