Think Again and Get the Right Calgary Cyber Security Solutions, Before You’re Risking Billions in Damages!

Open up your favourite news site, or if you’re really old school, go grab a newspaper. We’re willing to bet you’ll find at least one or two stories about a major cyber attack on a big-name corporation. They seem to be happening all the time lately… recognizable names like Kmart, Home Depot, and Sony have all felt the sting of cybercriminals hacking their networks and stealing their private data.

But that only happens to large, brand-name corporations, right? Your company isn’t that big, so there’s no way you’d ever become a victim like that. You don’t need the most reliable Calgary cyber security solutions, right?

Stop right there.

Here’s the thing: EVERY business is a potential target for cybercriminals. Business owners who think they’re safe just using an email password and an anti-virus program downloaded from the Internet need to wake up and do what it takes to protect their livelihood. In fact, the average Calgary business spends $3.5 BILLION to recover from a cyber attack – and most don’t survive.

That’s why CTECH Consulting Group holds your security as the highest priority. Our CEO, Carl Fransen, recently gave a presentation on the growing threat of cybercrime for Calgary businesses, educating business owners and their staff on the tactics of cybercriminals and how to stay safe from them.

Here’s the main thing to remember: Hackers don’t care about the size, location, industry, or shape of your business. When they go hunting for targets, they care about only one thing:

  1. Do you have a system I can break into?

That’s it. ANY system is worth breaking into for a cybercriminal. Why? Because they’re looking for any scrap of information they can use to create more harm or hold your data hostage. If they get one password, they’ll try it out on all sorts of other systems. All it takes is one security breach, and everything could come crashing down around your ears, leading to:

  • Significant productivity loss
  • Decreased customer confidence
  • Damaged business reputation
  • High costs of repairs
  • And worse

How do you stay safe? By covering all your bases when it comes to IT security:

  • Use a good, properly-configured firewall
  • Install high-quality anti-virus and anti-spam systems
  • Implement web filtering to block dangerous websites
  • Encrypt all sensitive data
  • Leverage a mobile device protection plan
  • Educate your staff on the signs of cybercrime, like email phishing attempts

Don’t risk your livelihood, your employees, or your reputation: Stop cybercrime in its tracks now before you become a victim. IT security is easy with CTECH Consulting Group on your side.

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