CDL Carpet and Floor Centre, a Calgary carpeting company had been struggling for close to two years with I.T. that just wouldn’t cut it. A growing company in Calgary, CDL has about 30 staff members in two locations, and they rely on their computers to keep operations flowing smoothly every day, especially for their sales staff who needed to process orders and quotes, schedule installs, and all sorts of other tasks.

So as their technology deteriorated over the years, it started holding the company back more and more.

“There were times we were out of the computer for hours, for a day,” says Brody Haugrud of CDL. “We had a different company we worked with that would come in and did minor fixes, when there was a crash, they’d come in and fix that problem for that day. Then another problem would come up two days later.”

When we came in to take a look at the state of their technology, we were shocked to see how bad things had become for CDL:

  • Old, obsolete servers that couldn’t keep up
  • Outlook emails being lost weekly
  • A home-based operating system stretched out over 25 different users
  • A CRM system that was crashing on a daily basis

It was no wonder they were frustrated! It was time for CTECH Consulting Group to get to work.

“Carl [Fransen, CTECH Consulting Group CEO] was the most informative of the companies we met, and he made us feel like if we spent the money, we’d see the change,” says Brody. “He looked at our current system, talked to us about what’s going on. We felt like he was confident that he could fix the problem. He broke it down for us — I’m not a real technical person, and he made it understandable for me.”

Carl and the team at CTECH Consulting Group created a custom I.T. solution for CDL:

  • New Dell Server with Warranty – hugely speeding up processes
  • New SQL Server – keeping their CRM software up and running at all times.
  • New Office 365 – moving their email, contacts, and calendars into a simple cloud-based system for easy remote access and automated backup, with storage able to grow as their company did
  • Proactive, Preventative Maintenance – keeping their systems fine-tuned on a regular basis to eliminate the need for constant support
  • 24/7 Support Coverage – to give them peace of mind knowing someone will always be available to help at any time

The changes have been astronomical. “We’ve been running really smoothly since switching over,” says Brody. “Especially for the sales people who are using the computers, the efficiency is huge. We’ve been battling slow computers for probably about two years, so it’s been good to get everyone back to normal.”

What’s the final word on CDL’s experience with CTECH Consulting Group?

“Chat with Carl,” says Brody. “The thing with him is, he’ll meet with you first, talk about what you need, and decide if he’s right for you. He might say yeah, he can help you, or he might find someone who’s better suited for you. If he doesn’t feel he’s the right guy, he’ll recommend someone who is. He’s really informative. He’d meet with any prospective clients, and he’s good to talk to.”