Entrepreneur Bryce McDonald, the founder of wake-surf board maker DAY 1 Wake, uses Microsoft Office 365 to effectively manage his vendor and customer relationships to grow his business around the world.

Bryce needs to work closely with a number of vendors to get the scalability he requires to complete his custom-made wakeboards in a timely manner and to exact customer specifications. He also needs to regularly communicate and collaborate with his partner in California.

Using Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive for Business provides him the ability to share files and edit them with his vendors and partner in real time. Office 365’s cloud-based platform makes adding and managing vendors simple. This way, Bryce ensures everyone’s on the same page when designing, constructing and delivering the wakeboards. And with Excel, Bryce makes sure he’s “right on the money” with every order.

Bryce’s customers want to know that they can reach him whenever they need to. With Office 365, he can access his OneDrive and SharePoint accounts directly from his email. With collaboration tools like Skype and Yammer he can message his customers and quickly spin up a video meeting or a chat to resolve their problems or concerns.

Plus, Bryce can integrate Skype into his Outlook account to place calls and send instant messages right from his inbox. And, whether he’s on the road, in a meeting, or away from the shop, he can quickly pull up files and edit them from any computer device, including his smartphone.

Just like with any other business, customer satisfaction drives the growth of DAY 1 Wake—And with Office 365 Bryce, his partner and the team know the boards they’re constructing are exactly what the customer ordered.

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