Business Continuity – Keeping YOUR Business Going Despite the Inevitable!

Business Continuity – Keeping YOUR Business Going Despite the Inevitable! Speak With Our Awesome IT Experts Now Have You Met Calgary’s Premiere IT Services Team? We would love to chat with you! Fill in the form below to learn more and we will reach out to you right away. Online Form – Ctech Сalgary Baner […]

Companies like yours face unexpected events. That’s why you buy insurance.
But who is ensuring that you can have continual access to your vital files, operating systems, and applications?

What are you going to do if a storm knocks out your power for hours – or days?

How are you going to keep customers happy if a fire, flood, or criminal activity destroy your in-house computing capability?

How are you going to keep your business going and maintain your hard-earned reputation?

You need a team of trusted business continuity specialists.

No matter what hits your business, we’ll give you the capacity to survive and thrive with a robust image-based backup system. Why is it important to have an image-based backup? Because unlike simple file-save-and-share systems, image backups save EVERYTHING. Our backup and business continuity strategy gives you the capability to keep your business rolling and your customers’ projects moving forward – even in the face of disaster.

How Does the CTECH Consulting Group Backup and Business Continuity Strategy Work?

  • We will make full backups of your ENTIRE network every 15 to 30 minutes. That means we will protect your data by making copies of your files, applications, programs, operating systems, and settings – EVERYTHING. We set up automatic onsite and cloud-based backup – giving you the ability to restore quickly if needed.
  • In case of server failure, we have the capacity to quickly get your processes up and running on our backup appliance while we service the server that is down. This enables you to experience little downtime. Even if your in-house server goes up in smoke, we’ve got you covered.
  • If you experience a complete outage (you lose the ability to use your infrastructure), we will rebuild your complete network on a secure cloud server to allow you to continue to access your critical applications and files. With our image-based backup strategy, you can effectively bring your operations back online at another WIFI enabled location if needed.

Guess what? That’s just the beginning of our business continuity solutions! We’ll also work with you and your staff to:

  • Create a disaster recovery procedure plan: We’ll create a detailed plan to outline the appropriate reactions to any level of disaster, including who does what, who should be contacted, and how to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Practice the disaster recovery procedure plan: We’ll help you practice the detailed plan, so you can see for yourself how the plan actually works and make sure everyone knows their part of the plan.
  • Test the backups: We’ll monitor and test the backups on a regular basis, to guarantee functionality and recoverability. If one backup fails, we’ll make sure to remediate the issue.

Business continuity is about much more than preparing for power outages
and floods.

It’s about those common day-to-day occurrences – when someone spills a drink on a laptop or accidentally deletes an important file.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact our team of business continuity specialists at (403) 457-1478 or send us an email at

We’ll help you prepare for the inevitable! CTECH Consulting Group is the preferred IT support company for businesses in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks and other areas surrounding the City of Calgary.