Month: October 2017

Over the last few decades, technology has helped business owners of all kinds make giant strides. Whether it’s better serving clients, optimizing internal processes or driving increased profit margins, there’s no denying technology has played a key role in the redefining of the modern business landscape. As technology continues to evolve, it is playing an

Get to Know the Fast-Spreading Malware Threat Before It Gets to Know You Earlier this year, a ransomware variant called Petya spread across North America hitting corporate giants like Merck and FedEx. The virus is so serious that some affected companies were faced with the fact that their data was simply not recoverable. In fact,

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Krack Attacks:  You use WPA2 to access the internet every day, and you could be vulnerable to a Krack Attack.   Virtually all modern WiFi networks employ WPA2 as a security protocol.  A couple of months ago, a security researcher named Mathy Vanhoef discovered an existing vulnerability in all WPA2 WiFi network connections.  He called this vulnerability

KRACK is a bug that can affect any device with Wi-Fi capabilities. However, the news isn’t all bad. There are silver linings that come from any catastrophe.   Cybercriminals are trying to get your devices “hooked on” KRACK (the Key Reinstallation Attack)–It’s a flaw in the WPA2 protocol, the security used on wireless networks. Since

How to Use the Office 365 App Launcher to Work Smarter and More Productively  Few people will argue that Office 365 offers many features that can help them work more productively. For instance, the cloud-based software and storage will let you work from just about anywhere, use multiple devices, and also collaborate with ease. Typically,

Discover how to streamline business operations with software and IT managed services. Today, businesses can easily streamline operations with software and IT managed services. IT services offer a full range of high-tech solutions that are full-hosted and delivered on-demand. Plus, there are packages that can be configured to support and streamline your unique business processes.

Equifax has suffered a major breach of sensitive data since March 2017. Millions of Americans have been affected. The first intrusion was discovered in March, and this agency’s central clearinghouse for sensitive data like driver’s license numbers and social security numbers has been stolen by hackers. It’s just another situation where the cybersecurity alarm bells are ringing

Jazz Up Boring Convention Photos with Snapchat-Style Filters from LinkedIn LinkedIn has long been the bastion of boring, in a way — with professional networking being the main order of business.  Will the new geofilters add a spicy layer to the social media giant? There just may be a better reason to download the LinkedIn