Month: February 2016

We’d like to share a simple tip to help you save money without losing the IT services you need to do business. Have you thought about outsourcing your IT department? We know that business won’t always be booming. There are so many businesses here in {city} and in the oil and gas sector that have

When people think of antivirus protection, the area that comes to mind is the desktop workstation. The thinking is that if an attack is caught here, then everything is good. The only problem with this is that people access company information from more than their desktop workstation. So more areas need to be covered by

While drivers are celebrating falling gas prices, companies and countries that rely on oil prices to sustain their economy are heading into recessionary times. One such company, Cenovus, is looking to innovation as a way to save money and move forward.  Bloomberg sat down with Brian Ferguson, CEO of Cenovus to discuss the changes that

Computer systems at a hospital located in Los Angeles, California have been down for over a week as a result of a successful ransomware attack. This has resulted in patients being transferred from Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center to other facilities as a result of the outage. In addition, connected medical devices and portals are offline

Everywhere you go, you hear about the importance of good password policies in the workplace, and how important it is to properly protect your personal information and accounts with strong, difficult to guess passwords. Sometimes it may even feel as though you are expected to be Rain Man, remembering long sequences of numbers, letters, and

We have a quick business tip that may just help you ride this economic roller-coaster to the end. Have you considered moving your business to the cloud? The cloud is a wonderful way to lower you overall IT expenses. CTECH Consulting Group is a Microsoft cloud partner and we know a thing or two about how the

Productivity and efficiency are on the rise for your company when the mobile workforce comes into play. With advancements in mobile internet speeds, hi-definition videos, and telecommunication technologies, this allows work to become increasingly mobile. Although it creates a little freedom from the office, it also creates freedom in terms of security measures, which can

Is The Steep Downturn of the Economy Taking a Toll on Your IT Company? The Alberta economy has taken a steep downturn, the unemployment rate has become alarmingly high, and IT companies, especially those offering break/fix services, throughout Alberta are being hit hard. We know break/fix IT companies rely exclusively on their clients calling for

CTECH Consulting Group Can Help! Every industry will encounter ups and downs eventually. It’s the very nature of the business to both enjoy prosperous seasons and deal with the less fortunate times as well. When you are pushed to make difficult choices about what the future of your break-fix IT firm will look like, you should consider all

Chief financial officers are the primary drivers of virtually any new application investments, and it would appear that many CFOs (chief financial officers) are eager to take advantage of analytics to gain a more granular insight into the overall performance of business. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the financial management software company