Intel Humiliated by Losing CPU Market Share to Eager AMDJuly 19, 2019

Intel Humiliated by Losing CPU Market Share to Eager AMD Intel’s continued problems with delivering CPUs are expected to go on throughout the fall and potentially 2020. Intel’s CEO Bob Swan told shareholders during their second-quarter conference call that the delays in processor deliveries would continue until September. The fallout benefits AMD, which increased its

How Can You Get The Best Value From Our Services?July 15, 2019

Technology is continually evolving, and cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated than ever and increasing. Are you taking advantage of all the Security Services we offer?

Data Security is Vital to Reducing Business RiskJuly 15, 2019

Data Security is Vital to Reducing Business Risk Traditional business risk has fallen into a few different buckets with the economy and competitors being two of the major forces under consideration. The tides change, and businesses today must add some additional items to that list and one of the most important is the issue of

What Is A CTECH vCIO And Why Do You Need One?July 12, 2019

CTECH’s vCIO will ensure that your IT is aligned with your business goals. He will provide a roadmap to the desired IT infrastructure and management end-state, with timelines and objectives.

Which Office 365 Plan Works Best for Your Organization?July 09, 2019

Microsoft Office products have become ubiquitous throughout a range of industries, and there are more choices than ever before to find the suite of professional office software tools you need to run your business effectively. While you can still find Office products available for a single licensing fee (Office 2019, for example), most businesses are

Using Today View in iOS 12July 05, 2019

iOS 12 brings a lot to the table and you will want to take full advantage of it to get the most out of your device. The Today View in iOS 12 is one feature that is worth exploring to determine how you can leverage it to make your workday and personal life more organized.

Windows Server 2019: How the Newest Features Influence the Way You do BusinessJuly 04, 2019

At the end of 2018, Microsoft released the newest version of Windows Server, launching their small to medium business customers into an unexpected dilemma. A new era had arrived. Windows Server 2019, much like previous iterations, has three different editions geared toward every business type from small to enterprise. While the editions for large businesses—Datacenter

Ransomware’s Cruel Greed: Proven Security Protects Your BusinessJuly 01, 2019

Cybercriminals lock victims out of computer and network files – sometimes destroying data – and extort cash to get that data back. That’s a ransomware attack, costing businesses billions worldwide. Ransomware can spread by the simplest of user actions. Email phishing, or Business Email Compromise (BEC) – fraudulent and deceptive emails posing as legitimate messages – is

How To Use Incognito Mode To Privately Watch YouTube VideoJune 24, 2019

When it comes to watching videos online, no name comes to mind more often than YouTube. They host nearly 2 billion users each month. 60% of people now prefer watching YouTube to watching TV. 80% of people under 49 are watching videos on YouTube. It’s popular. We get it. Everyone is on it. And there’s a

What Are Google’s Local Guides?June 24, 2019

Local Guides have contributed content about hundreds of thousands of businesses. They get together and have held meetups and conducted projects in Europe, India, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia. How Are Google’s Local Guides Different From Google Users? People have been contributing reviews, photos, and videos to Google for years. Google Local Guides