Why Outsourcing Your IT Support in Calgary Makes the Most (Dollars and) Sense

Many companies in recent years have been turning increasingly to outsourcing their IT. It’s saving many business owners tons of money, time, and sweat, and is also allowing them to get back to focusing on their core business objectives, among other things.

Office 365 Makes It Easy To IT-Enable the Processes You Need to Grow Your Business.

There’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) today than Microsoft Office 365. Why?  Because instead of simply packaging the popular applications you use (like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more) Microsoft has taken the extra step to integrate these tools, along with others. This provides your business the capabilities a larger-sized business enjoys.

We’re Proud to Introduce CTECH Version 3.0, Our Most Effective and Powerful Iteration Yet

What does this mean for our already established and loyal client base? It means, simply, that you will continue to get the same peerless service and support — only now with more “deliverables” than before

Carl Fransen and CTECH: 16 Years Providing IT Support Calgary Businesses Depend On!

Carl Fransen, CTECH’s founder, is celebrating 16 years providing IT services and support to companies throughout Calgary and all across Southern Alberta.

Do You Know About This Compelling Grant Available for Canadian Businesses?

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), incorporated in 1998, is a member-driven not-for-profit organization with approximately 15,000 members and growing. The not-for-profit organization manages the.CA Internet domain, as well as the entire country’s involvement in international Internet governance. CIRA’s top priority is the safe and secure management of our top-level domain. After all, there are

Office 365 Helps You Comply with Up-to-Date Regulations and Standards.

Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 adheres to 10 rigorous privacy standards and compliance areas? This is especially important for highly regulated businesses like those in healthcare, government services, financial and legal services, and education that must comply with PCI, PIPEDA, DPA, CCPSA, and more. Office 365 has built in over 900 compliance controls

When Is It Time To Think About Replacing My Aging Server?

Server hardware is the backbone of all that you do in your business. With the appropriate hardware, your company can remain competitive in a world dominated by tech. Needs such as connected devices, analytics-driven processes, and social media marketing are reliant on well-functioning server hardware and devices. Without these things, it can be difficult to

Thinning Out the Clouds: How CTECH Became a Microsoft Field Partner

Thinning Out the Clouds: How CTECH Became a Microsoft Field Partner CTECH Consulting Group Inc.’s President & CEO Carl Fransen has always strived to be at the top of the IT food chain. Partnering with Microsoft was part of that vision. Recently, Microsoft made a change to their corporate direction and changed their focus to

Major Security Flaw Discovered In Intel Processors

Potentially every Intel processor sold in the last 10 years could have a critical security vulnerability that puts users at severe risk. It’s often these days that poor IT security comes down to something like human error, and lack of awareness on the users’ part. It’s less often that there’s a widespread design flaw discovered

What You Need to Know About “Meltdown” and “Spectre.”

Two critical vulnerabilities were found in Intel chips that could result in a malicious attacker stealing your data, such as photos, emails, documents, browsers, and password managers. How can this affect you? The vulnerabilities called “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” can affect nearly every system built since 1995. This includes computers and phones. A proof-of-concept code was