Want To “WOW” Your Boss With Professional Diagrams And Flowcharts?

I Have Some Tips For You. I often get asked by my boss to take the data she accumulates and put it into easy-to-read diagrams and charts. I was using Excel until just recently, which is great, but I needed something with more functionality and design choices. Then I found Microsoft Visio. I think it’s

If You Don’t Know About These 3 Ways to Use Outlook 2016 More Efficiently, You’re Wasting Lots of Time

Microsoft Outlook is a professional email and calendar program that’s been used by businesses for over 15 years. It’s had many iterations over the years, but with 2016, and its integration with Office 365, Microsoft has taken Outlook to the next level. Today, small and medium-sized businesses that couldn’t afford the enterprise-level application can now

Microsoft Connections Helps You Retain, Grow, and Win New Customers

As a part of Office 365, Microsoft Connections makes email marketing easier than ever. In just a few simple steps, you can apply a proven process to help you find and connect with new customers.

Outlook Customer Manager Helps Premier Water Removal Maintain Vital Business Relationships

As a part of Office 365, Outlook Customer Manager makes customer interaction an intuitive and simple process, helping Premier Water Removal to track key information, offer a consistent customer experience, and improve their customer relationships.

Make All Your Dreams Come True In One Easy Step!

Believe it or not, the primary purpose of technology is to improve our lives. Making your tech work to increase productivity and efficiency is the ultimate goal of every CEO – so take your first step today! Technology can be fantastic! With the push of a button, the average person can: Make a single cup

What IT Support Companies Have to Offer Your Calgary Business  

The advantages of IT support companies for Calgary businesses is impossible to deny. Choosing the right IT services team for you will greatly enhance your business and its functionality. 

Easy Ways to Make Outlook 2016 Work Better for You

The new Outlook 2016 has incorporated some cool features, designed to be helpful and make your work day a little smoother. It can look a bit different depending on what version of Outlook you’re using and how your admin sets it up.  What’s New in Outlook 2016? When you open Outlook, you’ll see six

Top 3 Tips For Using Windows 10 More Securely!

If you use Windows 10, you need to know about certain security standards in order to stay safe. If you don’t, you’re opening yourself and your data up to unnecessary risks! Follow these tips for improved protection.

This CEO Has The Coolest Tech Toys – Take a Look!

It happens to all of us at some point – you’re sitting by someone who whips out this über cool gadget, and you can’t take your eyes off of it. You have to know what it does… and where you can buy one! Read on for eye candy just like this. We’ve all been there:

Feel Like A Google Amateur? Try These Tips To Go Pro

Have you ever been so frustrated with Google that you gave up? Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get the wording right when you search for something, even though you know it’s out there. Give these tips a try to get more out of Google (while also keeping your blood pressure at a healthy low)