Pedagogical Phishing: Understanding The Morton School District Cyber Attack

The recent Morton School District hack is a reminder that everyone is at risk from cyber attacks, and provides valuable insight into how to bolster security. As computer systems become embedded in every aspect of our lives, no one is safe from cyber attacks. Public schools are particularly vulnerable, as they store sensitive data on […]

Weekly Tech Tip: Require employees to use strong passwords and to change them often

Consider implementing multifactor authentication that requires additional information beyond a password to gain entry. Check with your vendors that handle sensitive data, especially financial institutions, to see if they offer multifactor authentication for your account.

The Unexpected Security Risk Posed by Connected Cars

Businesses who utilize connected cars as part of their everyday operations need to educate themselves about the risks to their information and their employees from cyber criminals targeting automobiles. Modern cars are becoming increasingly connected to the world around them; today, many models come equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OBD-II, USB, 4G and a variety of […]