Check Out Microsoft Office 365’s Newest Features

Microsoft is the best choice for almost all daily work in the office, whether it’s Microsoft Word for documentation, Microsoft Outlook for email or Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, so why not get the most out of those services? With the right Microsoft Office 365 expert in Calgary, you can do even more with it. Microsoft […]

Do you take work with you on vacation?

Taking business on vacation is bad news all around. Here’s how to keep your phone, but leave work behind.   Vacation time leaves today’s professional with a tough problem—They want to get away from work, but they typically end up bringing it with them thanks to their work-related mobile devices. In today’s BYOD world, more […]

Microsoft Paint “Saved”

When news broke that Microsoft was planning to discontinue MS Paint in the wake of newer and more modern offerings like Paint 3D, the Internet did not take it well. The reaction to what many assumed was Microsoft’s plans to kill the beloved 32-year-old program was one of sadness with the hashtag #RIPMSPaint trending within […]