Join CTECH Consulting Group for an eye-opening Breakfast Seminar focusing what your Calgary business needs to do right now to protect your livelihood, the livelihood of your staff, and your reputation with your clients and marketplace.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and all types of businesses and organizations across Calgary are potential targets for hackers. Don’t get trapped by thinking it’s only big-name corporations that suffer from data breaches – In fact, smaller companies are MORE likely to be targeted by hackers.

That’s why we’ll be sharing simple techniques you can use to protect your business:


Password management programs

to ensure all staff members use different, unique, and well-designed passwords for all services.


Understanding of different anti-virus and anti-malware programs

on the market, and which ones are effective and simple to use.


Information on common cybercriminal tricks

such as the signs of an email phishing attack, and how to recognize potential malware.


And more

Security Threats Face Calgary Businesses Every Day.

Don't become another security statistic! Attend this breakfast seminar on March 31.