Whatever Your Work Goals or Passion, Microsoft Office 365 and CTECH Consulting Group Can Help You Achieve Them.

CTECH Consulting Group is excited to share the latest from Microsoft – a short video highlighting small-business hero Scott Naucler. Scott owns Turbine Test Services, a professional services company that maintains wind turbines along America’s wind corridor.

Scott relies on Microsoft Office 365, not only to work flexibly and collaboratively with his employees, but to keep him organized when he’s pursuing his passion – building and flying Cessna planes.

Scott’s passion for aviation started when was five years old. The one thing he wanted for his sixth birthday was a ride in an airplane. He got his ride, and he was hooked. He discovered that it was great to take the wind and air, and make the most of it—to capture that energy and use it for fun, and to provide electricity.

Turbine Test Services provides mechanical-loads testing for utility-scale wind turbines.  This is their primary focus. They gauge the blade bending, the turbine-tower bending and several other measurements. They record this data, process it, and deliver it back to their clients in the form of a test report.

Scott, uses four seats of Office 365 to work with his employees better together – anywhere, anytime. Thanks to Office 365, they can work remotely, collaborate and stay connected.

He’s located in Independence, Oregon, and has an office in Shoreline, Washington.  Another employee works from his home in Seattle, Washington. In the past, for a small business, this would have been very challenging. However, with Office 365 they’re easily able to share documents, and conduct virtual meetings over Skype for Business where they can all view the screen. It’s almost as good as being right there with his team.

Sasha Madrigal is the Office Manager for Turbine Test Services.  She uses Office 365 for all of their file management and sharing needs. She says it’s super easy to share and communicate seamlessly with Office 365 products.

Lorenzo Lopez, a technician for Turbine Test Services, says that they couldn’t run their company without Office 365. Scott can prepare task lists for him, and Lorenzo can access them and do whatever needs doing.  He then communicates what was completed (or not) back to Scott using Office 365.

The size of a clients’ business is irrelevant, because everyone uses the same technology to stay connected.  Whether you’re a giant, massive company, or a small company, Office 365 allows this flexibility.

With Office 365, Scott benefits from an easy transition between work and his passion to fly. He tells us that in aviation, he needs to track things. He keeps log books of all his flights and aircraft maintenance. It’s easy for him to use Office 365 for this–And if something happens to his computer, his irreplaceable information is still protected.

Microsoft Office 365 helps Scott, and many others get the most out of work and whatever passion they have.

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