Awesome Computer & Technology Sales Position In Calgary

Who we are.

We are the CTECH Consulting Group, an established next generation IT services firm based in Calgary for over 17 years.  Each year, we have seen amazing growth and are looking for a full-time sales person to sign on more clients.  We live on the cutting edge of today’s technology to bring the best possible lifestyle to our staff.  Working at CTECH Consulting Group, you will live this every day: anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any smart device, can access any job-related information, and collaborate with anyone at CTECH Consulting Group.

You will work within a multi-award-winning business model.   Our recent awards that we won: Fastest Growth Cloud Partner Award 2017, 50 Best Managed Services Companies 2016, Best Cloud Solution 2016, Best Managed Services Company 2016, Consumers Choice Award 2016, etc.  Supporting your day to day activities is a fully automated, cloud based infrastructure.  On top of that, we have partnerships with several tier 1 vendors who work with us to augment our lead generation.

Calgary IT Support

CTECH Consulting Group is an award winning Calgary IT support company.

What does this mean to you?  We are a next gen firm: no need for an office, no need for a commute, no need for admin staff, no need for paper, and definitely no need for politics.  You choose where you want to work, choose the hours you want to work, and on the device you want to use for work.  You will access all the cutting-edge tools, internal automation, and solutions to hit the ground running.  At the end of the day, CTECH Consulting Group is about giving you a life style for you to excel at your job.

We will give you access to the marketing direction to augment your hunt for new clients.  They will support you in creating innovative marketing strategies, new websites, new one pagers, new case studies, etc.  You will be given tools to create complete, dynamic proposals in minutes and access to only the elite techs (no tech has less than 10 years of experience) to back you up.

What are you going to sell?  We sell what we live day to day.  We offer our clients the ability to enhance their work life style, to do more, with a fully customized technologies suite and unlimited support.

Overall, at CTECH Consulting Group, we are a group of elites, not elitists.  We embrace the new way of doing business and are not the traditional old fashion thinkers who want to sit in an office and have a secretary.   We all dynamically work together, no silos.  We are young thinkers with killer skill sets.

Who are you? 

You know how Calgary works and know how to get in front of the right decision makers.  You are ready to take on new sales leads and enjoy pounding the pavement to create new opportunities.  You have a solid understanding of the IT challenges business currently face and are adept at using the latest technology yourself.  You are a self-starter, a thinker, a doer, charismatic, and honest.