At CTECH Consulting Group we know that technology should be helping your oil and gas business thrive.

Too many other IT companies provide generic services that help you get by, but don’t really offer any distinct advantages. When you’re in the Oil & Gas industry, you need tools designed specially for your needs, to help you function at your absolute best at all times. Has your current IT team talked to you about the power of AccuMap?

AccuMap is an innovative solution created to help you quickly gather information to assess risk and determine opportunity. The software is designed uniquely for your industry needs; it’s made to help with mapping, data management, and analysis.

When your current IT team isn’t giving you the best tools and solutions, it’s time to turn to a reliable team of experts who are ready to help you meet and exceed goals by leveraging the most from todays finest technology.

Contact CTECH Consulting Group at or (403) 457-1478 to talk about how AccuMap will help streamline your work, lessen risks, and make life easier.

AccuMap provides a number of easy and effective solutions for your industry, including:

  • The ability to incorporate industry knowledge into specific oil and gas stages
  • Allowing you to easily transfer data between applications
  • Creating customized workflow solutions based on your needs
  • Working through plays from discovery to production
  • Integrating datasets including land, spatial, well, midstream, and production information

AccuMap is ideal for land personnel, geoscientists, accounting staff, and management. At CTECH Consulting Group we provide the support you need to leverage the full power of AccuMap for your gas and oil business.

Contact us at or (403) 457-1478 .