• Do you hate your current IT service provider?
  • Do feel like it would be a headache to change providers?
  • Do you want to avoid high-pressure sales calls from new providers?
IT Consulting in Calgary

In a recent survey taken by the Small Business Research Institute,

over 74% of business owners who had considered changing IT providers in the last 12 months chose not to because it would involve too much work...

… signing long term contracts; high-pressure sales tactics; onboarding charges – they didn’t want to bother with it all.

If you’re in this group of frustrated, disappointed business owners, you’ve literally flushed thousands of dollars right down the toilet! Is that how a savvy businessperson behaves? Of course not!

If you’re afraid to take your network to the next level because of these problems – we have the solution you need.

We’re CTECH Consulting Group, and here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • We will always talk to you in plain English. No computer babble.
  • We will objectively analyze your needs “from scratch.” We’ll tell you what our services will and will not do for you.
  • If you already have computer equipment and an infrastructure setup, we will:
  • Evaluate it and help you understand its faults – quickly
  • If we find faults in it, we will confront whoever initially set it up for you and get it resolved
  • Make it work for you, if possible
  • We’ll make sure you’re thankful you chose to change IT service providers.
  • Teach your people how to troubleshoot in non-crisis situations

The team at CTECH have been great to work with. They took the time to understand the needs of our company and provided us with a turn-key solution for our IT needs. CTECH create a one-stop solution to a broad range of issues our company was facing.

Warren Smith / The Counsel Network

Why suffer with unproductive IT personnel, high-pressure sales tactics, anger, frustration?

Contact CTECH Consulting Group today for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION 27 MINUTE CONSULTATION.