Month: August 2016

Technology has changed the way that modern businesses run forever. At one time, meetings were scheduled weeks in advance, and preparations for hosting a meeting were very detailed. Today, with Skype and other video calling tools, meetings can be called more quickly as transportation doesn’t have to be arranged – they are held virtually from

Successful backup services company and Calgary IT MSP Titan Join Forces CALGARY, AB – August 10th 2016 – CTECH Consulting Group is thrilled to announce they have merged with BackupPlan, Inc. The business continuity specialist is joining CTECH Consulting Group, to take on the role of a unique and dedicated backup solutions department. “We are excited to be working

The business landscape is changing rapidly, with long-standing organizations attempting to modernize, while younger and leaner teams are leveraging new tools at their disposal. In both cases, management would be wise to acknowledge and even embrace the mobility options at their disposal and consider the benefits for the workforce. Whether your business revolves around a

Customer Relationship Management Software Improves Success Rate and Bottom Line No matter how efficient your construction accounting and job costing software may be, it simply isn’t built to help you effectively deal with sales leads and customer relationships. In a competitive construction marketplace, tracking and managing the sometimes-elusive sales process is increasingly becoming key to

The transition has felt more like a slow march at times, but Microsoft is trying to shake their image of focusing only on the enterprise market, moving more and more into the consumer world. Going toe to toe with companies such as Apple and Google, long heralded for their intuitive products, Microsoft is making strides

If you own a small business with computers, this equipment will surely require service sooner or later. It contains numerous components and moving parts that must work for many hours. When they need computer repair, Calgary firms frequently decide to replace their PCs. This solution enables them to benefit from the latest technology. However, it

In just a few short years, the cloud has gone from a simple buzzword to a dominant technological tool in a wide range of different industries. It’s hard to argue with the fact that cloud services usher in a bold new era of productivity by making it easier to share files and by making collaboration

Computer support services go by many names and offer many different types of services, but in Calgary, CTECH Consulting Group computer support is the IT service of choice for many. With the rampant threats to data centre security roaming out there these days, it pays to have a reputable IT support specialist in your corner. Many SMBs

A common misconception in the world of business is that an email account is an email account is an email account. So long as you have the ability to electronically correspond with your clients, everything else doesn’t matter, right? Why pay for something like enterprise email when you can sign up for a seemingly unlimited