Month: April 2016

Teachers today have more ways than ever to engage students while also streamlining their classroom operations. It is no surprise, then, that two of the world’s computer powerhouses — Google and Microsoft — offer tools to make it easier for teachers and students to work together. What follows is an overview of their offerings to

Apple announced last November that it would quit issuing security updates for the popular video program as ported through Windows. The call for Windows users to uninstall it comes out of concerns that the lack of security updates will leave vulnerabilities open for hackers to exploit. Since no further security patches will be distributed, the

Over the past weeks, the Panama Papers have been all over the news. These documents shed light on how billionaires and large corporations are able to hide assets and avoid taxes, but there’s another important point that many people tend to miss – they show exactly how important IT security is. The information found in

If your company uses Microsoft OneDrive for Business, you will be happy to know that it will have SharePoint document sync by the end of the year. Microsoft will launch an assortment of updates to the OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client, most of which are targeted toward those who use OneDrive for Business. The announcement

April 12, 2016 marks the day that the Badlock bug is slated to be released within the Windows and Samba infrastructures. While businesses should be aware of this event, it is expected that this day will also mark the time period when a patch also will be released. Both the Samba and Windows teams have

Calgary IT Service experts join top managed services group. Calgary, Alberta – CTECH Consulting Group is pleased to announce today that After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E has named CTECH Consulting Group to its ChannelE2E 100 – 2016 Edition List. According to ChannelE2E, this list was established to “identify and honour the top entrepreneurs, startups and exits across the IT channel”.

What is the rate of labor productivity around the globe? The Conference Board 2015 Global Productivity Brief has a few thoughts (and numbers) on this question: Global labor productivity was 2.1% in 2014 2014’s rate is nearly a quarter percent lower than pre-global crisis (1999-2006) rate of 2.6% The labor productivity growth rate in mature

Years ago, global organizations viewed security to be a back burner issue. Fast forward to 2016 and the vast majority of enterprises consider security to be of the utmost importance. Nowadays, organizational security actually draws the attention of executives and those who sit on the board of directors. This shift in priorities can be directly

As a small- or medium-sized business owner, choosing an IT services provider is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Your technology partner should be a close advisor on the IT services you need now and in the future based on a clear understanding of your industry and business. So how do you choose from