Month: May 2015

Get hit with a virus and the following cleanup can be expensive, sometimes even expensive enough to put you out of business. Expensive is a relative term, so allow us to get specific: if your network is infected with malware and data loss is involved, it’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file

Hansen Labelle Adjusters Ltd. is an independent adjusting firm based out of Calgary, AB. Their highly experienced team specializes in serving a wide range of clients – from property and casualty insurers to self-insured transportation companies. When they needed an expert team of IT professionals to setup a new server and provide managed services to

The reality is that more and more, we are working from locations outside a traditional office. Whether it be at a client site, working from a home office, or simply trying to squeeze in a little extra work while waiting for a flight, we want to leverage the availability of cloud-based services and advancements in

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Technology – Schedule a Network Evaluation Before It’s Too Late! Whether you’re cleaning out the attic, getting rid of old furniture, or simply organizing your household, spring cleaning is a great feeling – it’s getting ready for a new start that leaves you feeling refreshed. Why stop there? Spring

Small to medium sized businesses in Calgary often find themselves in a difficult situation: they rely on their IT infrastructure for day-to-day operations, but they don’t have an IT budget that allows them to properly maintain their equipment. Patches are released but go unnoticed, opening up your network to new and developing web-based threats. Hardware

Cyber Security Experts say the rapid adoption of smartphones into our daily lives leaves us all exposed to cyber attacks. A 2013 Norton Report found that 1 in 3 smartphone users have experienced some form of cybercrime. This is especially troubling if your employees use their smartphones for business purposes.  It can leave your company

As recent as a couple decades ago, when the average business worried about security, they worried about cashiers sneaking twenties from the register, burglars breaking in at night. The security landscape has changed a lot since then. Most businesses today require an extensive computer network to operate, and this gives criminals a whole new vulnerability